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A tribute to the American dancer Isadora Duncan, a timeless feminist icon who made work that enabled women to express themselves physically on their own terms

Joy Alpuerto Ritter : Choreography

Lih Qun Wong : Original Music

Marie Cantenys Studio : Costumes

Fabiana Piccioli : Lighting

Fabiana Piccioli and Marie Cantenys Studio, with the participation of Margaux Lalanne Set Design



Dancers: Begoña Cao , Christina Cecchini , Nikita Goile Dancer, Charmene Pang, Serena Zaccagnini, Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Lih Qun Wong : Musician

Produced by Farooq Chaudry and Viviana Duranate Company

Length: 40min


a 30 min dance solo that is inspired by the witch dance from Mary Wigman. Joy uses different qualities of a woman in a ritualistic, animalistic and sensual way. The Piece  is inspired by the power and mystical perspective of a woman as witch. The character creates different images in a playful way that leads to an energetic dance, combined with several influences of different dance styles like Voguing, hip hop ,Contemporary dance and Philippine folk dance.

Choreography/Dance: Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Costume: Lan Behrendt DYAO

Music composer: Vincenzo Lamagna


Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Lukas Steltner are dealing with questions of home and belonging through their own biographic fragments and inspirations by their great-grandparents who experienced WWII in Germany and the Philippines. Like in a Collage their stories mash up Contemporary Dance with Breakdance and Phillipino Folk Dance.


Choreography/Dance: Joy Alpuerto Ritter & Lukas Steltner

Lighting design: Fabian Bleisch

Visuals: Lucian Patermann

Sound: Cornelia Friederike Müller

Length: 55min


Joy questions herself: How do we transform and which mask do we put on?
Can we control the mask and the shifts we make? What do we really feel and what is really important to feel? Are we authentically expressing ourselves or do we express ourselves through the expectation of others?


Dance/ Concept/ Choreography: Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Lights & Stage Design : Fabian Bleisch
Music composer: Vincenzo Lamagna , Yaron Engler
Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp

Length: 30 min


Lukas Steltner & Joy Alpuerto Ritter

The short performance THE SHOOTING is about the first confrontation of two people who ended up their emotional and intimate relationship in a fight.

After following their first impulse of aggression, they realize the core of what once connected them and still does. Is there any trust, hope and tenderness left?

Joy and Luke are trying to find answers in a dynamic duet with the virtuosity of breakdance, isolated movements and fluidity of contemporary dance.

Recorded during the Dance Event - Oval Battle Berlin

This is a trailer of a work in progress from a 2 week workshop with Folkwang Tanzstudio in Essen Germany.
Choreography / Concepts: Joy Alpuerto Ritter
Dancers / Creators: Anouk Orignac, Chih-I Wu, Darko Radosavljev, Eray Gülay, Ivan Strelkin, Maria Giovanna, Nejma Larichi, Stsiapan Hurski, Yi An Chen
Music: Vincenzo Lamagna
Thanks to Rudolpho Leoni and Folkwang University Essen, Germany

A collaboration with Denis Kooné Kuhnert to the Event "Dialogic Movement" in Berlin.
Dance & Choreography :

Denis Kooné Kuhnert & Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Music: Killing Time - She Wants Revenge

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