by Jean Louis Fernandez
by Jean Louis Fernandez
by Jean Louis Fernandez
by Jean Louis Fernandez


Joy's workshop is a fusion of different movement techniques. Her versatile background in Ballett, Hip Hop, Voguing, Philippine Folk Dance and Contemporary Dance made her develop an interesting mix of movement qualities.

In her classes she focuses on body isolation, grooves and dynamic shifts. She will train the body to be strongly grounded but at the same time dynamic and virtuous in space. While rhythm and musicality are important components that will be practiced in several combinations and exercises.

The workshop also includes improvisational tasks where the dancers will work on movement concepts and different body states as a challenge to engage their own creativity and to explore individual qualities and expression.

upcoming Workshops

15 - 19 February 2021

12 - 16 July 2021

This footage is from the workshops at the Kalamata Dance Festival in Greece.

Thank you to the whole team and dancers for your energy and commitment.

This is a trailer of a work in progress from a 2 week workshop with Folkwang Tanzstudio in Essen Germany.
Choreography / Concepts: Joy Alpuerto Ritter
Dancers / Creators: Anouk Orignac, Chih-I Wu, Darko Radosavljev, Eray Gülay, Ivan Strelkin, Maria Giovanna, Nejma Larichi, Stsiapan Hurski, Yi An Chen
Music: Vincenzo Lamagna
Thanks to Rudolpho Leoni and Folkwang University Essen, Germany