Joy Alpuerto Ritter is part of the music video "Big God" from Florence & the machine as a dancer and has been asstisting Akram Khan in Choreography.

The video was directed by Autumn de Wilde and has won an award for Best Rock video and Best Choreography at the UK Music Video Awards 2018.

Music Video "Je ne parle pas français"

from Namika

Dancers: Thierno, Joy, Kooné, Johanna, Saido

Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Film: Petri Henriksson, Carlos Vasquez, Christoph Kozik

Music: C.Kozik

Processed and Transferred by MUSCLE TEMPLE Lab


Official Music video " Sie will ein Freak sein "
Collaboration with Wunderkynd (Oli Banjo) 

Concept/Regie: Wunderkynd

Dance/Improvisation: Joy Alpuerto Ritter

videos/films directed & concept by Joy Alpuerto Ritter

"Lyrical Bboy" Documentary Trailer

An excerpt of a Bboy's Life as an artist in Berlin. 
With: Hong Nguyen Thai 
Camera/Edit/Concept: Joy Alpuerto Ritter
Music: Gonçalo Cruzinha

"The Seed" is a short film created and edited by Joy Alpuerto Ritter.

The Film reconnects to the elements of nature and the memories of a childhood . The dance expresses the freedom and innocence of a memory that is not forgotten. 

Camera/Edit/Concept: Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Concept/Dance: Yen Ching Lin

Music: Balago

"Night trip" is a short video that is created in the night lights in France. The mood speaks for itself and was an improvisational experiment with a dark ambient to the music of Balago. 

Dance/Camera/Edit:  Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Music: Balago

"Between time" 

Edit/ Concept / Dance : Joy Alpuerto Ritter