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Alter Egos

What if we could transform between different minds? Embody multiple personalities with their own lifestyles, cultures, strengths, colors, looks, passions and weaknesses no matter what age and ethnicity? What if we could become a collage of several identities?

There are triggers in the brain that can be the catalyst for different self-states. So these different beings actually become one in one body...

Even in daily life we learn and try to adjust , transform, change, wear a mask in order to function in a healthy society and environment. We are trained by our parents, family, friends or other authorities to control our feelings and needs. What if the mask becomes our reality? Are we aware of it? Can we control the mask and the shifts we make? What do we really feel ? Are we authentically expressing ourselves or do we express ourselves through the expectation of others ?

In this 30 min Performance Joy uses this concept of several personalities and embodies this topic with different qualities of movement, energies and behavior. Shifting and transforming between different worlds and minds by using different dance techniques, styles and facial expression.


Concept & Choreography: Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Light/Stage Design: Fabian Bleisch

Music composer/ Musician: Vincenzo Lamagna & Yaron Engler

Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp

Artistic Assistant: Lukas Steltner

Supported by Tanztage 2018 Sophiensaele Berlin

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