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A tribute to the American dancer Isadora Duncan, a timeless feminist icon who made work that enabled women to express themselves physically on their own terms.

Isadora's art had an impact on the further generations of dance, like the ripples in the water. UNDA means WAVES in latin and is a an essential element in the piece.

The piece UNDA is a reflection of Isadora's life in women nowadays. The sensuality, simplicity, individuality and celebration of our being as women is very present in the performance.  Isadora's free spirit, her loss, her struggles and her great passion of her art and confidence as a woman has been an inspiration for Joy to create this new work.

Joy Alpuerto Ritter : Choreography

Lih Qun Wong : Original Music

Marie Cantenys Studio : Costumes

Fabiana Piccioli : Lighting

Fabiana Piccioli and Marie Cantenys Studio, with the participation of Margaux Lalanne Set Design



Dancers: Begoña Cao , Christina Cecchini , Nikita Goile Dancer, Charmene Pang, Serena Zaccagnini, Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Lih Qun Wong : Musician

Produced by Farooq Chaudry and Viviana Duranate Company

Length: 40min

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