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... Perhaps it's rather a feeling that makes me feel like home. Maybe it can be a place I've never been before, but it somehow feels like home.

What does home mean when the country you were born in doesn't exist anymore? Can you be at home in a place where you are being confronted with the fact that you look different than the most of the others?

Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Lukas Steltner are dealing with questions of home and belonging through their own biographic fragments and inspirations by their great-grandparents who experienced WWII in Germany and the Philippines. Like in a Collage their stories mash up Contemporary Dance with Breakdance and Phillipino Folk Dance.

"Heimkehr" could mean returning to a place that you don't know anymore or returning into a relationship that doesn't work anymore because of ones individual past and experience.

Choreography/Dance: Joy Alpuerto Ritter & Lukas Steltner

Lighting design: Fabian Bleisch

Visuals: Lucian Patermann

Sound: Cornelia Friederike Müller

Length: 55min

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