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OZ - Der Zauber in uns

Do you remember Dorothy and her friends, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion? The red shoes and the “yellow brick road”? Choreographer Joy Alpuerto Ritter brings the characters from the   film “The Wizard of Oz”  made in 1939 back to life and shows us a modern dance interpretation of this popular children's fairy tale.
In OZ, the film's characters come together within  different dance forms, such as hip-hop, breaking and contemporary dance. They all have their own wishes and struggles while sharing the experience of self-doubt and pressure to prove themselves. Together they escape their oppressive everyday life and discover on their journey that they can change unjust power structures themselves.
OZ is an urban dance fairytale about the art of saying no and the question of how to find yourself in times of crisis.

Idea and Choreography: Joy Alpuerto Ritter
From and with dancers: Alba De Miguel Fuertes, Joshua Nsubuga, Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Liam Wustrack
Dramaturgy: Livia Patrizi
Original Music: Sion Trefor
Song „Ein goldener Weg“: Max Prosa
Visuals/Stage Set up: Lucian Patermann
Costumes: Linda Spörl
Lighting design: Fabian Bleisch
Text: Lukas Steltner
Voice of the story teller: Livia Patrizi


Produced by Tanzkomplizen Berlin


Trailer by Aaike Stuart

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